Stereoscopy of Topography with Anaglyph Technology

Watch the Change of Submarine Topography

Submarine Topography around Mihara-Seto, Seto Inland Sea, Japan

Submarine Topography in 1963
(Source: Chart published in 1963)
Submarine Topography in 1998
(Source: Chart revised in 1998)

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You need red-blue (red-cyan) glasses to see anaglyph images.
For your eyes, please do not continue to look at anaglyph for long time.

from "Digital Map 200000 (Map Image) NIPPON-III" by GSI
In the Mihara-Seto (Mihara Straits), a part of Seto Inand Sea, Japan, along the coast of Saizaki district in Takehara-shi, Hiroshima, the sand on the seabed has been exploited for construction material for several decades. Recently, it was found out that the illegal exploitation exceeding the permitted amount and area has been carried out. And the destruction of the marine environment is pointed out.
We tried to visualize the submarine topography by GIS so that people see the change of the submarine topography by sand exploitation.

See "Submarine Topography around Mihara-Seto, Seto Inland Sea, Japan".